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Jim Hasten   31/Dec/2000:20:35:54
How do I find a job as a cook on a riverboat/barge, what companies etc
would I contact. I live in LaHarpe, IL, 4 hours from St.Louis. Your
help is appreciated. Do have a good New Year.
Brian Etienne 29/Dec/2000:21:57:40
John Rutledge   29/Dec/2000:01:24:31
I am curently working for alter and have been laid off, this is the
first year i have had this problem and hope it dont last long. I
started working at alter in august and have been strugling every
sence. I engoy working for alter and i havent met a person at alter
that i wouldnt work with again. I have been trying to get in the engine
room for the last year and havent had any luck thats why i left midland
I had heard their was more opertunity at alter, maybe my problem is
that i havent found the right place with openings in the engine yet.
Ken Kuzenski 28/Dec/2000:09:43:12
Hi, David--just stopping by to have another peek at your site. You've
done a wonderful job of capturing life on a workboat--there are some
great pictures and your text is fun and interesting. If anybody asks
me what my summer as a deckhand was like, I'll send them to your
website to find out! ;-) Good work, David, and I hope things are
going well for you. Regards -- Ken (former "World's Worst Deckhand,"
approximately 1983)
david estrada   26/Dec/2000:22:46:02
hello i dont know why but i wanted to look my name up on the net and
this site came up so i decided to sign the guest book

yours truely
David Estrada
TIM R McBRIDE   26/Dec/2000:10:48:06
Barb Bass   26/Dec/2000:00:26:25
Enjoyed you site. My brother works for Kirby Corp. on the M/V Bronwynne
Brent. Since I cannot e-mail him maybe you can tell him "hello" for me.
His name is James (Jay) McDaniel. I will look at you site again often.
Thank you.
Greg Welch   25/Dec/2000:01:26:39
hey man just looked at you site liked the story on the antigone and
the "red rocket" I just so happen to be on the antigone as a steersman
and the red rocket should shuved all over the place bacause the
antigone is a 1800 with old 398 cats red rocket is i believe a 2200
with newer engines the antigone was built in 1967 iam not sure what
year the red rocket was built thay are both good boats we are suposed
to be getting new engines after the new year but not confirmed yet
should be interesting then
TONY GALE   18/Dec/2000:18:31:33
evelyn hernandez   18/Dec/2000:15:32:22
Leah Roccaforte-Drul   14/Dec/2000:23:24:56
Hey Dave,

I loved the website, what else have you been upto? I am living in
Portland,Oregon and expecting a baby in March! Email me when you can.

michael h. anderson   13/Dec/2000:14:02:49

deb and emily hawes   10/Dec/2000:22:01:32
Ruth Ramsey   10/Dec/2000:13:23:17
my father was born in Pilot Town in 1900 Just looking back.
captain tim mccarl   09/Dec/2000:14:12:34
keep up the good work!!!!!!
Lon Navarre   05/Dec/2000:21:16:57
bruce Perry   05/Dec/2000:16:04:13
Paul   05/Dec/2000:12:53:14
Pretty cool site. I am a chief engineer with Marquette Transportation;
formerly with Egan Marine. Life on the river is something that only we
can understand and enjoy. Keep up the good work and keep posting the
Matt darnell   04/Dec/2000:20:07:55
I've been a great admirer of the sea ever since I was growing up on the
Tennessee River and I own a sailboat. I would be very happy if someone
would give me any information about anyone that is hiring any crew
members for a Barge or a cargo boat.


Matt Darnell
laurie   03/Dec/2000:22:00:39
Greetings. My son, (20 years old), is on his second trip with ACBL as
a deck hand. The first trip he worked the Illinois River and this trip
he is working the lower Mississippi. He has spoken highly of his other
crew members and in general seems to be impressed with the integrity
and common fiber that seems to run through the type of folks who like
this kind of work. I will check out your site, and certainly wish you
all the best. L.
Ron Welch   02/Dec/2000:14:55:13
I worked from 86 to 91 i was one of the luckey ones i went off the head
and under a 25 barge tow just below natchez night and the only
one out there with me was a green deckhand but i do miss working on the
river at times .
HUGH GRIFFIN   02/Dec/2000:03:12:28
Brian Tamborini   25/Nov/2000:11:39:53
Hi ALL !!!!, just lookin for a good river site and happened along this
one.So far,so good.Ive been on the river now for about 10 yrs.Apex,
National Marine,Artco,WKN.This is the only profesion Ive ever came
across where ethics are held so high.ive worked with nothing but
good,honest,hard working guys!If you werent,well, Ive ran my share off
as a mate.This is youre home for 30 days,if everyone aboard realizes
this{on deck,wheelhouse already has the experience to know this}then
you have a good working efficient boat,morale is high and everyone is
happy{as happy as you can be on a towboat anyway}.Its hard and somtimes
youd rather be any where else,but when you reach your ultimate goal,the
wheelhouse{which I did 1 year ago},or the eng.rm. for some,it all comes
clear,there nothing else in the world you can do,my friend youre a
RIVER RAT!and you will be til the day you die!
keep up the good work Dave!
JANIE EASTERLING   25/Nov/2000:11:23:21
my son is leaving for first time out on ingram barge as a deck hand we
are excited about his travels and new work experience.
Rhenea Fisher Flychick's Life 20/Nov/2000:22:26:38
I was browsing the internet for info on towboats, I'm thinking of
becoming a relief cook on a boat. Right now, I'm a flight attendant,
so it's a big change for me. While on your page, what do I see? A
post from one of my best friend's Karen Jackson, who's hubby is a
riverboat pilot/captain. It's a small world! Hey, and I love the
pyramid pif of Memphis.. okay, now I'm headed off to view the rest of
your homepage! Thanks!
Ed Gehrke   18/Nov/2000:10:22:48
I haven't looked over this site as yet to comment, but am looking
forward to it. I am planning a 3000 mile trip in Spring from
Louisvilleto Tampa and back.

See ya,
Ed Gehrke
brett jhkjhkhjkjhkhhjkhkhj 14/Nov/2000:00:08:18
it was great send me a sheet of info or somthing like that please
JessE Dreyfuse   12/Nov/2000:17:48:28
Let's Face up and get out of here!Sound familiar?Nice job on the site,I
mainly do tripwork,like to move around,meet new people,work diferent
trades,It's the only life I know,and Wouldn't have it any other
way,found your site like my relief man,GREAT TO SEE YA!keep up the good
work,if you want some Ohio,Mon,or agony video,let me know I have some
great high water action,catch ya after the next hitch,JessE
RICHARD ILLER   11/Nov/2000:18:12:04
Karen Jackson   11/Nov/2000:03:48:41
Just found your site and really haven't had a chance to explore, but
I'm looking forward to it. My husband, 2 sons, a brother, and cousin
all work on the river. I've recently begun to relief cook on my
husband's boat now that our children are grown. It's not a lifestyle
that a lot of people understand, but it's ours; and now that a fourth
generation has started working out here, I think you could say that the
river has been good to us.
Steve Valerius Kirby Inland Marine 10/Nov/2000:12:12:38
I just spent a couple of day on the Ohio on the Zephyr. Great boat. I
am the new President of Kirby Inland Marine (as of the merger of Kirby
and Hollywood Marine last year).
Tom Zaccard   04/Nov/2000:12:24:06
TONY LINTON   01/Nov/2000:21:01:31

stacey   30/Oct/2000:11:28:48

Brad Koesling fgdf 30/Oct/2000:06:21:48
what a terrific site. i was so amazed by the site that i had to go and
pull off after wards in front of the screen
luther newberry   29/Oct/2000:23:08:36
just looking around. used to work for canal barge in the early 80's
Chuck Butchart   27/Oct/2000:23:04:01
Watched a towboat come out of the Winfield lock/dam complex, and either
the current or the wind was pushing the barges into shallow water. I
watched him use first one engine and then the other to bring the barges
where they had to be. Suddenly, there was no prop wash, but the engines
were working hard, and the towboat seemed to move toward the opposite
shore, pushing the bow of the barge train out into the proper depth.
This has been my sole experience with towboats, except for the shared
experience of a lady on second shift in a shop in Gallipolis, Ohio, who
told me that a young towboat captain took out four of her walnut trees
one day!
If I need to say this, I don't communicate as well as I thought I did,
I enjoy rivers! The Bob-Lo boat in Detroit, and the story of
Kaskaskia, in Illinois, and the Kenawha locks, are all part of river
stories. I like to sail on the Great lakes, but rivers tell their own
Kitty Prince   26/Oct/2000:16:39:43
I enjoyed the photo of the Pyramid, being a Memphian, I think it's a
beautiful sight to behold...especially from a towboat.
Fr. Philip P. Scott,   25/Oct/2000:23:03:38
Your presentation is excellent. As a southern historian I have often
stood along the rivers Mississippi, Tennessee, and Tombigbee and
watched and wondered about the men and their boats. What a great
explaination. Thanks for allowing a look into your life. May the
prayers of Our Lady, Star of the Sea be with you on your trips.
Fr. Scott
riverchub   25/Oct/2000:01:46:34
I worked for capital towing in '92-'92. from houston to chicago. I am
seeking pictures taken from the mississippi if you have any please send
them to me
KEVIN BOX   24/Oct/2000:16:42:15
Ebony   19/Oct/2000:18:21:46
I really enjoyed this site, this site is also helping me on my project.
BOB MARQUIS   19/Oct/2000:17:19:49
Dewey Tyre   18/Oct/2000:08:10:10
Joan Mabry   17/Oct/2000:22:25:17
I worked as a cook for Gladders Towing for 3 years and Ingram Barge
Lines for 8 1/2 years. Got the chance to take over the library here in
my home town in Melbourne, Arkansas so I've been off the river for
almost 12 years. Wouldn't take anything for my years on the rivers. I
still miss the boats and the great guys I worked with. Hoped to see a
name I recognized but guess I've been off too long.
Any of you river guys who remember me, email. I'll be glad to hear
from you.
rl crouch   14/Oct/2000:21:18:46
linda   14/Oct/2000:19:25:19
thank you, I was doing a report for my son in 4 th grade.
Greg Burmeister   12/Oct/2000:11:34:31
Greg Burmeister   12/Oct/2000:11:33:00
Cool website
Ryan Deck none 11/Oct/2000:11:26:11
My two brothers work off and on the upper Mississippi and have for the
last twenty years. One, Robert was a pilot on the uper harbor boats up
here in Minnesota, and the other, Doyle was a deck hand. As I would go
with them alot and was able to get my hands dirty by some of the work,
piloting, and decking, I learned just how hard the work realy is, and
long hours too. But as for me I drove truck for aprox 13-14 years
untill I got hurt on the job and am currently waiting surgery, witch I
have a lot of time on my hands now and am working on a R/C river boat
from Dumas, I am going to rename it the Crimson Glory though not the
American Beauty. as I am doing the colors of that one. thats how I
stumbled onto your site, Old River Bill. I am looking to join their
club. Love your site, and keep up the hard work. see ya.
Linda Mallory-Price   05/Oct/2000:23:50:32
My father, Albert Mallory, was a towboat pilot/captain for over 25
years. In fact, after his death in 1972, at age 59, a towboat was named
in his honor. I proudly display the picture of it and I am going to
present "Life on the Mississippi" to my grandson's fourth grade class
here in California. Two of my father's three brothers worked on the
river also. My cousins and I used to lament that our classmates did
not fully understand what our fathers did for a living. After all, who
has a father that is home for 30 days and then he is gone for 30 days.
My Dad enjoyed his work so much and even though it required him to be
away from his family, he also loved this Mississippi River as a family
member. May all of those who work on the river experience the feeling
of contentment and pride that my father did. It carried him through 25
years and has continued to stay with me and my family.
Gary -&- Peggy Wade   04/Oct/2000:20:08:18
rod sherman   03/Oct/2000:23:32:12
Alan Stephenson   03/Oct/2000:15:32:01
I enjoyed the tour very much.I've been fascinated by the river for
years and have wanted to work on a big boat for a long time.Maybe
someday I will!
Nikki Finlay   02/Oct/2000:19:02:39
This page helped me alot thank you :)
Mary Banski   26/Sep/2000:18:35:55
Help! I need to find people that might have worked at Brent Towing in
Greenville Mississippi in the 60's and 70's. If you worked for Brent
Towing, or if you knew any of the people that worked at Brent Towing,
Please contact me. Brent Towing might have also been called Brent
Terminals or Brent Transportation. Thank you for any leads you can
give me on finding people! I enjoyed your page.

Mary Banski
matt haneline   25/Sep/2000:00:18:36
david, very cool web page .i wish we had found it earlier in the dad is entertaining the idea of applying for a position as a cook.if you know any online cooks give them my email address,dad has a ton of questions
Barry -&- Connie Danks   22/Sep/2000:10:53:19
We are considering the river for crusing grounds. We have a 36'
trawler and have been local crusing in lower Lake Huron and Lake St

I will be spending more time looking at your site and learning as much
as I can before heading your way.
Toney Potter   21/Sep/2000:14:07:16
Your site is very intersting and I enjoyed it very much.
A friend and I are thinking of building a small pontoon boat and
traveling the length of the Mississippi. Could you refer me to any
information or sites that might help us?
Thanks and Good Luck,
SYBLE M. SMITH   21/Sep/2000:13:50:53
I C Phillips   20/Sep/2000:17:32:32
Just returned recently from a trip up river from the big easy on to
Vicksburg and return. Memorable. Thanks for your website. great work.
The Phillips, river converts from Calif.
cody   19/Sep/2000:21:30:47
Delixious Boo   18/Sep/2000:22:35:30
You need a little more information for people who are doing research
dave lavender   18/Sep/2000:20:41:10

Just curious. I've grown up along the Ohio River and now after some time
down on the Cumberland River in Tennessee. I am back home.
I have always had the urge to work the boats but have never done so.
I am enthralled with rivers and look forward to your site.

Thanks and peace like a river,

dave lavender
Mike - West Newton M   13/Sep/2000:21:20:27
joe galluzzi   12/Sep/2000:17:02:31
i think the mississippi river is a very important part of the american
therefore i would like to sign up to this website
Donna Mattson   05/Sep/2000:13:58:53
Kim Abraham   04/Sep/2000:12:03:00

My husband and I have talked about living on the mississippi river. We are interested in living on a house boat and traveling the river. Any information that may help us get started will be greatly appreciated.

Kim Abraham   04/Sep/2000:11:50:02

My husband and I have talked about living on the mississippi river. We are interested in living on a house boat and traveling the river. Any information that may help us get started will be greatly appreciated.

James A. Kimm   03/Sep/2000:11:41:59
clint   01/Sep/2000:21:50:57
Capt.Jesse New   01/Sep/2000:06:21:04
Just found your page have not had time to look at much.
david goin   26/Aug/2000:15:33:58
just visting take care and be safe out there
timmothy smith   22/Aug/2000:20:25:14
great site keep up the good work ,,,later
April   20/Aug/2000:22:32:13
I live on the Mississippi at Memphis. Tonight Michael and I took ocean
kayaks out across the River to an island called the Loosahatchie Bar.
Getting there was fine, but getting back was hell! We paddled and
paddled, and were standing still! We finally made it back with a
renewed respect for this magnificent River. Thanks for your Website.
Tom Craig (TTBoat)   17/Aug/2000:12:34:51
My first visit to your site. I like viewing the guestbook.
I'm in my 16th year on the river systems as a chief engineer.
kevin miller aka ta   15/Aug/2000:00:18:10
this brought back back a lot of memories. i rode the m.v. Paulina in
87 or 88 with a great cajun capt. the late Hoot Gibson he passed away
at st. louis after we built a tow all day he never woke up for his
watch and i couldnt go back.put a little polish on the bell for me next
sunday morning and have a few more river sunsets . i miss her
Thomas L. Clooney   11/Aug/2000:20:35:28
enjoyed you site. use to work for Sabine in the 80's. now working for
Kirby Inland Marine since Hollywood Marine merge with Kirby. R.Capt on
M/V pride. Keep up the good work.corrected e.mail address
Thomas L. Clooney   11/Aug/2000:20:33:20
enjoyed you site. use to work for Sabine in the 80's. now working for
Kirby Inland Marine since Hollywood Marine merge with Kirby. R.Capt on
M/V pride. Keep up the good work.
Old River Bill Old River Bill's - R/C Towboat Models 06/Aug/2000:00:52:38

Hi David, I was linked to your site, but it went down sometime agao and
we couldn't find it again. SO I took your web link off my pages, then
suddenly discovered you were back - GREAT!.... Missed ya and several
had asked where ya went too? I figure ya just changed ISP's or redone
the site address and we hadn't found ya again, till now.

Keep yer lines tight and good ta have ya back as part of our web

Old River Bill at SFSCo Scale Plans -&- VHS Videos
JACK HITTS   02/Aug/2000:08:56:46
Wendell Johnson   29/Jul/2000:17:09:48
I am a native of Minnesota and now live in Arizona. I would like to
make a trip down the river next year in a riverboat such as was used
by river men in the 1800s. Something like a scow with a sail. I would
appreciate any help you might give or if you know someone that may give
me information. Thanks.
Hugh   28/Jul/2000:15:25:35
Enjoyed your web page. If I were younger I think I would like the
river and the work. Enjoy yourself, be safe, and keep up the good
work. I look forward to your updates in the future.
Mark Libert   25/Jul/2000:11:40:32
Cricket   19/Jul/2000:09:26:14
Friends are going to be traveling with you the first week of August.
they have promised to give me a full report when they return home.
Please say hello to the Davis' of New Jersey from all of their friends
and neighbors here at home. Have fun folks!!!
matt dale   17/Jul/2000:22:31:04
Ken Kuzenski   14/Jul/2000:05:55:48
David--I found your page from a link at the Waterways Journal. Only
had a bit of time this morning to look, but I've bookmarked it and will
be back often. The pictures are wonderful. I worked as a deckhand one
summer, back when I was trying to finish college, and while I made a
TERRIBLE deckhand, I came to love watching the towboats. Right now I'm
trying to draw up plans for a 1/48 scale model of the M/V Port Allen,
the little harbor boat I was on, that summer 20 years ago. I've been
browsing river-related links looking for helpful material. I've found
that there are MANY scratch towboat modelers out there and there's a
lot of helpful material. By the way, I live in Raleigh, NC, these
days, far from any significant river, but when we visit river cities, I
always make time to sit along the river and watch the workboats.
Thanks again for the excellent website! I'll browse often! --Ken
david wells   13/Jul/2000:07:39:37
I liked your page. I live on the Mississippi at interstate 80.In a24 ft
searay. The river is so relaxing,watching the barges go by, seeing the
wildlife,andjust watching the water go by. I plan on getting a larger
boat,40 ft to travel the river systems of the U.S.when I retire. well if
you go by the I 80 bridge at LeClaire IA you might see me. first dock on
IOWA side above bridge . every one have a nice day. happy cruising.
Larry Morris   12/Jul/2000:08:02:33
start early- stay long
christopher n. seay   11/Jul/2000:14:33:05
I am a frist mate for a major barge line just thought I would check out
your site
Roberto Estrada   07/Jul/2000:10:43:52
What are you getting into primo?
Mike Clementz   04/Jul/2000:11:44:45
john werne   04/Jul/2000:11:02:27
jan cornish   25/Jun/2000:12:05:58
very enjoyable
Mike Hamlin   24/Jun/2000:21:02:50
Excellant job on your sight!!!
Carol Hockenberry   22/Jun/2000:15:41:22
I was a cook for The Valley Line Company for 8 years, I really miss the
work and the people, it was nice to visit your pages and go back and
just remember the river times, I do miss river life
paul anderson   21/Jun/2000:04:36:53
Dennis Murphy   20/Jun/2000:21:40:19
David, thanks for your Web page. I just spent a couple of hours
reminiscing about my days on the River. I'm a 52 year old lawyer with
a wife and three teenage kids now, I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. But
before all of that I spent about 15 months on a towboat to earn money
to go to law school. I was a tankerman too. I worked out of Memphis
for a company called Thomas Marine, out of McKees Rocks Pa. Generally
the boats I was on carried fuel and petrochemicals from Houston to
Chicago. Almost all of the people I worked with were from Tenn., Miss.,
and Alabama. I am certainly pleased to see that a man with a Hispanic
surname is able to get a job on a boat so easily, it certainly wasn't
that way in the early 70's.
I share many of the experiences and memories you report, including the
long hours, good food , hard work, beautiful views, good people and
above all, the love of the river. I still make it a point to look out
the airplane window whenever the jet flys over the Mississipp
Deb Haralson   20/Jun/2000:12:21:07
Hello David,
Enjoyed your site. Just got back from a trip to New Orleans, and we
also rode the Natchez..very pleasant. I watched tugs for quite a while
one evening. I was wondering what it was like to work on one. Thanks
for the insight. It seems like hard work, but a great way to see the
country. What will your degree be in and what do you plan to do with
the rest of your life? Will it involve maritime work?
Byron Cureton   08/Jun/2000:16:54:24
Howdy! I finally made it home and the frist thing I did was I looked @
your website!


matt cameron   07/Jun/2000:12:42:10
we like your web site
jd hammond   05/Jun/2000:14:34:58
Mitch Massaro   05/Jun/2000:12:49:51
I really like your website. It is very educational.
james runderson   01/Jun/2000:18:18:29
man thanks alot for your inspiring web site. i just got off of the
phone today with brandon who is the recruiter for kirby marine and i'm
all set to join the fleet of kirby as soon as i retire from the u.s.
navy.i'll probably be in their training class the first part of
september if not earlier. so how the hell are you doing these days? are
back out or still in school? dude please e-mail me back at so that i can pick that experience brain of yours.i
got a few okay alot of questions to ask you, and when are you going to
up date your site?

Jamie   29/May/2000:16:07:49
I am a student at a Highschool. I am hoping to find what I need at this
website.... I am looking up stuff for my science project. From what I
have seen so far, I think this is pretty cool.
John Blessing   24/May/2000:12:41:03
River Rat from Cincinnati Ohio.Enjoyed your web page. I spend a lot
of time down on the riverfront in Cincinnati watching the riverboats
go up and down the river.
Sasha and Amy   22/May/2000:19:55:01
We used your web site for a report on the Mississippi.My daughter made
a colouge for the cover from all your great photos.... Thanks so much!!
Troy L. Clapp   22/May/2000:19:37:52
Eugene J Cappel   10/May/2000:20:23:47
This web site was passed along to me from one of the Sales managers at
Kirby Corp. I have spent 30 years scheduling barges for a large
Chemical Co. and he said I would enjoy this web site. Thanks for the
time you spent putting it all together.
HARRIS   06/May/2000:12:22:43
Eddie Hopper   02/May/2000:21:03:30
cool site,I'll probably see you down the River somewhere in the future, if just in passing.Later Dude
Darren McAlpine   23/Apr/2000:15:13:05
Lindsey Bennett   16/Apr/2000:17:52:18
Jerry Garrett   13/Apr/2000:21:53:33
deck hand   13/Apr/2000:18:16:28
Well I have to say im going on my 3rd month of deck work and love every
second of it. Workin in the Memphis Harbor for Wepfer Marine lets me
see a lot of tows and learn many things. Ever in the area and have one
of us come out to help with tow work ill be lookin forward to meeting
ya. Have a fun and safe trip
Bill Bowing   09/Apr/2000:19:30:56
I am a great towboat fan. You would think that I would finnally get
tired of looking at them but I never do. I have been looking at them
for a long time for I am eighty years old.
Thanks again for the site
ccarlson   09/Apr/2000:09:33:34
I'm fascnated by the history of the Mississippi River and tributaries.
I wonder if there are boats that take riders - not a cruise or full-
time hand, but somewhere in-between - to get a feel of the river life.
Bryan A. Breaux 03/Mar/2000:12:36:38
Dear Dave,
It's been to too long since we had a Black -&- Tan down in the Foc'sle.
I hope to see you real soon in the mouth watering foam my friend.
Here's to the one's that stay and the one's that go...
p.s. the website looks great...I'm up the Mississippi...
Yeuki Ishijima   28/Feb/2000:00:58:46
Reading your stories, about life on the mississippi, really gave a
clear picture of how it might feel being there. Your feelings are
nicely expressed in your writing. The pictures compliments the writing
very well.
Lisa Canoy   25/Feb/2000:22:12:44
My husband works on the Mississippi River for Magnolia Marine Transport
on the Amy Frances so I thought I'd visit your site and check it out.
Thank you for giving me a glimple into his month out on the river.
jr   22/Feb/2000:19:23:46
I was a deckhand on the ohio river iworked for Mcginnis.
I miss working out there so i know how it is out there.
thank you for the memories.
little twig
John Devine   22/Feb/2000:04:36:32
Hi, My 17yo Daughter is writing a paper on "Steamboats on the Ol Miss"
so I thought I would visit. I'm looking for info on Capt. Simp McGee
of Decatur,AL. Thanks, John
Mark Atkins   21/Feb/2000:10:58:00
I wish very much that you would give your e-mail address. I have a
question that I want to throw your way.

Good site. Mark
v swift   20/Feb/2000:17:39:24
jd sinclair   19/Feb/2000:13:20:30
I am currently trying to get a job on a river boat, been working on a
cruise ship and i'm tired of dealing with tourists. Thanks for all the
info- you have a great site.
Ramona McConnell   18/Feb/2000:23:55:06
David L. Freeman   18/Feb/2000:10:06:32
I am a scale modeler and model towboats and barges in HO scale or
3.5MM=1Ft. Information on towboats and barges is hard to find. I
called Bill Zumwalt after finding his number in a magazine article and
he put me on to the Waterways Journal. I have compiled a notebook of
pictures and other info but finding this web site is like finding a gold
mine. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Dave Freeman.
opie   17/Feb/2000:01:33:08
David it was good seeing you over in Pine Bluff the other day. The
site is great I hope you get adding to it for years to come. You are
right when you said you meet some great people out on the boats. Men
and women how have families and love ones at home who keep the
materials moving on the river at great personal lose to their family
life.Most people cann't even begin to realize what it is like to be
gone more than being at home but this is what they do to put food on
the table and clothes on the backs of their children. Hope for a mild
winter and keep on with the site. I delivered the message to Billy for
you and told him and the others at Mapco also. Later and I know I'll
see you around. Opie
Michel Page   15/Feb/2000:19:52:12
Too early to tell I just found your site.I will come back
Richard Baker   14/Feb/2000:04:47:28
diana hudson   13/Feb/2000:22:04:14
beautiful pictures.
Lue vanhout   12/Feb/2000:13:54:26
Bill Steinike   10/Feb/2000:10:39:27
Enjoyed reading your web page. My wife and I have traveled on all
three Queens (DQ, MQ, AQ) on the rivers, mostly on the upper Miss.,
and now live at mile 682.9 just above Lock 8. Give us a "toot" if you
pass by sometime. We enjoy watching the towboats pass by and I have
kept a log of the ones we see.
Keep up the web page since it is interesting to hear about the river
from someone who is actually working on it.
Jay Daves JAY DAVES HOMEPAGE 09/Feb/2000:02:21:49
Interesting pages along with others about life working on the rivers
of our nation. I was raised in Fort Smith, Ark. on the Arkansas River.
Nikki Savage   08/Feb/2000:13:36:29
Mark R. Eyestone   08/Feb/2000:08:22:44
A great site, kind of the electronic Richard Bissel, "A Stretch on the
River".Wonderful photography, too. I know it is a lot of work creating a
a site like this. I've read about the rivers and towboats for years but
am too old to work a tow now. I do volunteer on two work boats in the
Chicago area, though. Chicago Ship No. 1 was launched in 1926 and is
47 x 10 x 3-1/2. Ugh the Tug is even older; was launched in 1915. I do
whatever needs doing on the boats to keep them working, clean, painted,
etc. I love to e-mail about work boats. Am looking for a small work boat
to buy so I can have one of my own.
E-mail Capt. Mark at
HenryAtherton   08/Feb/2000:01:56:00
Hi David,
Just want you to know what a truly marvelous job you've done with this
site! Marvelous experience you give the visitor. You've sure got a
great attitude, brother.

Steve Fisher 08/Feb/2000:00:53:33
I very much enjoyed your site. Although I am not a towboater I have
been interested in them for many years. I live about 25 miles from the
Ohio River near where it meets the Kanawha. My in-laws live right on
the river. It makes for enjoyable visits to sit out in the yard and
watch the boats go by.
Larry Smith   07/Feb/2000:19:07:37
as a fellow towboater, i share your enthusium about life of the river.
It is something that really gets in your blood and helps form the way
of life that you live, at work as well as at home. With the way things are going, I'm afraid that the good day are soon to be over, all the
new hires, well most of them doesnt want to know or care to find out
about our way of life and the traditions that follow. As a mate
on the M/V Gayolyn Ann Griffin, I try to train and teach these guys,
and one girl, what I know and how to use what I teach to work as
safely as they can, but I find more incidents everyday on people
getting hurt just to go home with pay. Though it all, my sprits
are up and i look foward to returning to work after my time off.
The only complaint I got is I miss my family (Wife and Daughter)
My little girl now has the habit of sleeping with one of my t-shirts
while I'm gone. If you are wondering about the 1 female deckhand I
had, she was one of the best, hardest working person I've m
Remy Miller   07/Feb/2000:17:04:19
I am in the 2nd grade and learning about life on the Mississippi. Thank
you for telling me about it
Craig Hearn   06/Feb/2000:13:04:30
Dear David;

I was a deckhand on the boats Cooperative Spirit and
Cooperative Enterprise, both formerly Agri-Trans boats,
now ARTCo boats from October 1990 to April 1994.
I am presently a professional commodities relocater,
(a truck driver), which is far from what I had planned
when I left the river but it is similar to the river in that
it is a job that no one appreciates, respects, nor even
tries to. It is another thankless job that only those of us
that do can seem to comprehend and enjoy.
I miss the river for numerous reasons, among them being
the fact that it takes an independent type of person to work
with all that towboating demands. The 24/7 lifestyle of boat
life with people whom you have to deal with on the extremes of
personal and "professional" levels, and, believe it or not, I
miss the work.
I have described to others life on a towboat as hard, unusual;
and fun, and they look at
David Andrews   03/Feb/2000:22:16:42

I'v worked on the river for thee past 10 years. I'v about figured out that only a certain type oof personcan addapt to life on the river.
I'v worked on many different tow boats and pushed many different types of cargo.Any thing from grain to many grades of oil. And I have never riden any two boats that the crew is alike. If you are looking to go to work on a tow boat go out ready and be prepared to do most anything.And remember it is not for everyone.....
Pete The Mississippi Challenge 03/Feb/2000:21:28:21
Your site has been a tremendous helping in assisting us in finding as
much information on the Mississippi as possible. June 26th, 2000, two
water skiers from Australia will be slipping into the waters of the
Mississippi at the Coon Rapids dam and begin the adventure of a
lifetime. They will be water skiing the length of the river to the
Gulf in six days. We're currently raising money for cancer research in
the United States and hope to build a Ronald McDonald type home in
Queensland, Australia. We will be traveling at an average of 60mph so
safety and as much information concerning the river would be greatly
appreciated by all of your Guests.
I've sent your site over to Australia as a valuable source of
information. Thanks for the help and we're always looking for more.
James Swafford   03/Feb/2000:17:14:13
I am preparing to work for a barge company. I got on the internet to
find some information about this kind of work and came across your
page. Thank-you for sharing your experiences I found them helpful.
daniel guidry   03/Feb/2000:15:25:49
being a towboater myself:really enjoyed this site
larry tallman   03/Feb/2000:00:01:38
Thanks, I really enjoy your website. Keep it up.

Retired Tow Boater(Lower Mississippi River)
dick miller   02/Feb/2000:16:01:35
I spent 30 years working for National Marine Service, Inc.(formerly
Lake Tankers Corp. I have been retired since 1983 and still miss the
industry and its fine people.
tom gay   01/Feb/2000:21:17:18
roslyn d corner   01/Feb/2000:20:35:29
Debbie   01/Feb/2000:18:41:43
We are planning the "Great Rivers Towboaters Festival" for June 24th and
25th of 2000 in Grafton IL(located at the junction of the upper
Mississippi and IL rivers). It will be an informative and educational
look at the Towing Industry. We hope to have tours of a docked towboat,
along with information booths, river music, models, photo displays,
storytelling and "The Great Towboat Cooks Cook-Off" to be judged by
retired Captains. If you are interested in attending or helping with
the planning we would welcome your advice and/or comments. This is the
first year of what will become an Annual Event. Thank you for the
information that your web site has already provided.
Tom Hughes   01/Feb/2000:17:51:19
Being an old Port Arthur boy, when I see the Diamomd 'S' stack
ensignia, it brings back a lot of memories. The history of Sabine
Towing Company would fill a book. From Munger Ball, the founder with
Pure Oil Company(any one remember The Pure Co.)to when Kirby bought
them out. We have lost a lot of good companies and men to the
consolidation of the marine industry. It is a great web sight. I have
forwarded it on to many friends in the industry.
jeff fontenot   01/Feb/2000:16:06:34
I'ma tankerman for psc. I love the mississippi river worked on it for
12 years now I go from plant to plant on shore. but I still like seeing
a nice clean boat.Well you be sefe you and your crew.
Steve Lindstrom   01/Feb/2000:11:48:39
Jim Hutton   31/Jan/2000:21:02:42
Great Web Site David! Capt. Jim Hutton( Ret.)Worked for Sabine for
quite a while M/V posiden-&- M/V Zypher just two of the boats i worked
on for sabine towing Anyway thank you for bringing back forgotten
memories,I have run mississippi river from one end to the other ohio
river the same also intercoastal from brownsville to port st joe fla.
the Tenn. river ill. river mo. river ark. river. enjoyed all my time
on water 25 yearswell not going to drag this out . so thx. for the
great site you have. sen. Capt Jim Hutton ( RET.)
Rex Hughes   30/Jan/2000:16:58:09
Enjoyed your site very much I Caught my first boat on May 16 1950
at the Standard Oil Dock in Paducah Ky.(The steam-sternwheel Jason
of the Union Barge Line) Retired 6 28 86 The best life in the world
SCOTT   29/Jan/2000:22:44:01
very well done good stories and pictures thanks
JILL   29/Jan/2000:18:45:00
As a 4th grade teacher, in social studies we learn about the
Mississippi River. It was very interesting to come upon your website.
I plan to show my class some of your information and pictures,
especially the photos of where the river empties into the Gulf of
Mexico. Thanks for adding something special to my curriculum.
LARISSA   28/Jan/2000:21:28:15
Eric   28/Jan/2000:06:57:10
I especially enjoyed your photos taken just upriver from Cincinnati. I
live in Cincy and have canoed past the "Castle" on the left downstream
bank and often wondered what it was too.

I wonder what tow captains/pilots think of many pleasure boaters? I'd
have to think that there are a lot of mixed feelings, many of them not
fit to print.

Good luck in college and on the river.
corky   24/Jan/2000:19:54:34
I have enjoyed the site very much.
memphis   23/Jan/2000:21:26:03
last trip was 60 days on batonrouge new orleans turn around for ACBL
rode from nov.4 to jan 5 2000 we were pretty busy till christmas then
it slowed down a little we saw a new age come into being. at the time
we were fog bound but in good spirits with a hand shake for every one
and well wishing all around, moments like those is what keep good
people coming back to the river. enjoyed your site i leave here and
returne to the river 02 01 2000 e mail me
mike culbreth   22/Jan/2000:23:13:27
Nora   22/Jan/2000:07:43:20
Truly enjoyed your site. I was just cruising around getting info.
regarding the Mississippe river for my daughter's fifth grade project
and serendipitiously happened onto your site, it was truly enjoyable.
Despite all the hard physical work you have had to endure you have
found the silver lining to life. The wealth of information you must
have regarding river life and your ability to communicate it as well as
you do is truly a gift. Perhaps your the Samuel Clemens of the cyber
world. Thank you
Anthony Choate   20/Jan/2000:13:23:22

Been decking on the river since 86` I really enjoyed your web page, and anything to do with the river. And that's alot easier to say, when you're home on the couch.

John Rich   19/Jan/2000:22:14:25
I have just finished my first 30 day trip on a tug for ACBL. I was
really a great experince. I am still really green but i loved it. And
really enjoyed your site i was trying to find pictures to show my
family in nc what we do. thanks keep up the site.
Jamie   18/Jan/2000:21:28:23
I'm planning to canoe the length of the Big River this fall. Hope to
see y'all on the water!
jeff smallwood   16/Jan/2000:14:40:55
Casey   16/Jan/2000:14:29:39
Nancy   16/Jan/2000:13:54:47
Melissa Pankey   12/Jan/2000:23:23:52
I thought that your page was great. My husband works on the towboats also and I really enjoy knowing what it is really like out there for him and all of you who choose it as a profession. Great page.

J.M. Phillips   10/Jan/2000:23:31:13
I just made my first hitch with Coastal Towing Inc. My job realy hasn't
become a job yet, its still a wonderfull adventure. I really enjoyed
your site. good luck and best wishes. The other day I was up in the
pilot house, and some other cap'n from another tow came across the radio
with a funny comment "You know Kirby is getting so damn big why just the
other day, I was watching the news ,saw the space shuttle landing and it
had the Kirby flag on the side of it"
Andy Becker   06/Jan/2000:10:42:32
I am very interested in the river boat life. I've read about your
life on the river and I would like to do the same thing.
If you could give me any info on this, I would be greatful.

Andy Becker
806 Carolyn Jean
O'Fallon, Mo 63366
(636) 240-3640
Hi, my son-in-law is a tugboat pilot in Illinois and they are thinking
about possibly moving to Missississpi if he can find work in this
area. Can you give me any ideas as where to start? I would greatly
appreciate it. Thankyou, Nancy.

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