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Sabine Towing Company

1908 - 1998

Sabine Transportation Company has gone out of business after 89 years of providing service to the Mississippi River system. Most of my five years of working and living on the rivers and canals of this land were under the Sabine flag. I first worked on a towboat back in the winter of 95 with an old wrinkling man named Pops. I was just a green deckhand that didn't know a thing about nothin'. I was screwing up left and right. Dejected, I asked him a question. "How long's it take to learn everything Pops?" He looked at me with the most sincere gaze in his eyes and responded,"Son, I've been out here for more than half of my life and I still learn something new everyday."

Long live the men that have given their blood and sweat for Sabine. Long live the Diamond S.

picture circa 1962