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Cruising down the Ohio River 


These are shots of the tow of the M/V Elaine Jones that I took in the summer of 98. We started this run in West Virginia with our destination being New Orleans. That's our cook that is walking out on the tow. She gives a good representation of scale as you see her get further out in the tow in the second picture. Out on the head of the empty barges, you can see a black speck. That was Alex, assistant engineer onboard the boat.

In this picture we are just a few miles above Cincinnati, Ohio. I asked the captain of the towboat what that magnificent castle on the south bank was. He told me that it is a water treatment facility.

I just love running the Ohio River. It is a real pleasure to run downstream and see the the hills move around you as you make the bends. Check out my page on my final destination on this run - New Orleans, Louisiana and the historical French Quarter.